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Fantastic Job Collie Rail Heritage Group

Photo courtesy of Collie Bulletin. Representatives from Collie Rail Heritage Group, Shire of Collie and Heritage Skills Association, in front of the Collie Goods Shed.

The Collie Heritage Group now known as the Collie Rail Heritage Group, have been in operation for 23 years. It is because of this group and Bill Weir a founding member and treasurer that the Collie Goods Shed, designed by C.Y. O'Connor, was saved in 1997.

The Collie Heritage Group restored the building with funds raised at the time and advice from Ian Hocking Heritage Specialist and Bill Weir supervising the restoration.

The building is a community asset and the group have created a lasting legacy. The Heritage Skills Association, welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and use of this place with a pilot program for training in heritage skills. The foresight of this dedicated and talented group of people has made it possible for the next generation to start to learn heritage trade skills, in Western Australia.

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