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Breathing life back into the heritage places of interest by sharing artisan craft skills, at a local level.

The Association will gather:


Organisations or Individuals and by participating be connected to: industry, government, key stakeholders, community, professionals and artisans in heritage.

Heritage Artisans and Heritage Professional Specialists, who are eager to educate or up-skill others in their skills and knowledge, will have a forum and platform to share their skills.

People wanting to develop artisan skills.

Contractors or Professions who want to develop artisan skills.

Community groups and individuals who have a keen interest in participating and conserving heritage places


Working at a local level preserving of our heritage assets enables their ongoing use, boosts tourism, creates local livable spaces and upholds our state as a leader in heritage management. 

Our Vision

Sharing skills to repair and
care for heritage places.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote:

Heritage skill capability levels.

Standards of restoring heritage places.

Long-term actions that considers the future legacy.

Values of heritage places on economy,  environment & communities


To support:

Collaboration and partnerships, in the re-activation of heritage places for functional reuse.

 Development of heritage skills, for a sustainable future.

Transferal of heritage skills, to protect heritage places & bridge the educational gap.

Regeneration of rural and remote communities by working and training at a local level.

To supply:

Expertise at a local level, that can maintain, care & repair heritage places.


To advocate:

For the formal acknowledgement of skills, competency’s & qualifications, of quality artisan skills.

To deliver:

Exemplary heritage conservation outcomes.

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