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Transformasi Arsitektur Soejoedi Webinar

Museum Arsitektur Indonesia cordially invite you to our webinar:

Transformasi Arsitektur Soejoedi: A Comparative Analysis of the MPR/DPR Complex and Its Influence on the New Parliament Building in Nusantara Capital City (IKN)

Friday, 17 May 2024

15:00WIB / 10:00CET

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This webinar will be in English

Ian R. Lewis has delved into the architectural history and significance of Asian parliament buildings, including Soejoedi Wirjoatmodjo's MPR DPR RI complex in Indonesia.

This webinar offers insights into his findings and the broader impacts of these architectural manifestations on nation-building.

Joining him are Ardyana Fahmiadi from Airmas Asri and Achmad Noerzaman from Arkonin, who bring their firsthand experiences designing the new parliamentary masterplan and plenary building for IKN, respectively.

The session aims to bridge the gap between historical context and contemporary architectural innovation, examining how past influences inform current designs and typologies.

Ian R. Lewis is an academic specialising in the geography, history, and politics of Southeast Asia, while Ardyana Fahmiadi and Achmad Noerzaman are pivotal figures representing the prominent architecture teams that are involved in shaping Indonesia’s new capital architecture.

Together, we will explore how the legacy of Soejoedi’s designs is being reinterpreted in the future architectural landscape.

This Bincang Bersama event is part of the ongoing Transformasi Arsitektur Soejoedi from Dipl. -Ing. Arsitek series.

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